Perfect Beach Read

Finally, summer has arrived! What better way to celebrate than a day at the beach with James Patterson’s Sam’s Letters to Jennifer!  Although this book has been out for years, I had never read it because I thought it would be too predictable and sentimental. Well, this novel is full of idyllic relationships and enough sentimentality to keep you afloat all summer.  Jennifer, a writer for the Tribune, is called back to Lake Geneva where she has spent summers of her childhood, “the best times of my life.”

Yes, her grandmother is in a coma, and Sam is still guilt-ridden over the loss of her beloved, Danny, but then handsome Brendan Keller, a friend from the past enters her life again.  I love how every tragic event has a silver lining in this book and while I’m reading it, I believe in the cool waters of Lake Geneva. If only I had a Lake Geneva to return to, I ponder, melodramatically, I too would easily transform every adversity.  And the letters work beautifully, because their sincerity, like the rest of this book, is so tenderly crafted and developed. I must admit, I like realistic fiction best, but on a beautiful sunny day, lounging on a beach chair, the breeze softly moving every page, the waves reaching across like friends from a forgotten past, I find this book to be just as essential as a broad-brimmed hat and sunscreen!

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