Are you looking for some balance and perspective in your life? Don’t wait for a charmed life, become enchanted with the one you’ve got!

The Gift of an Ordinary Day: A Mother’s Memoir by Katrina Kenison  


While reading this memoir is like moving through a thicket of intelligent ruminations, it is well worth the slog.  It is inspirational and beautifully written; I just couldn’t read it without stopping along the way, taking a few breaks just to reflect on all the deep thinking! There are so many insightful conclusions. Kenison is transformed by ordinary experiences like moving, adjusting to new environments, watching her children mature and move on with their lives, and figuring out what to do when they are no longer a part of her daily routine.  However, these ordinary events become extraordinary gifts that enrich Kenison’s life in unexpected ways. What is so often perceived as loss becomes a meditation on cherishing what is before us at the present time.  This is a book to be savored, one section at a time.

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