No time for fiction? Try flash fiction! Great book for the reader who loves fiction, but has little time to read

Millie Thom’s A Dash of Flash is a collection of miniature stories, so cleverly compact that each has as much impact as a full-length short story.  You can pick and choose from sports, adventure, fantasy, ghosts, recollections and more. Or, just read straight through.  Each story is a flash fiction extravaganza that doesn’t just “flash” but explores the subtle and sublime as in “Rainbow Colours of Light.” In this tale, Richard visits waterfalls on his own, his wife having died three months before they were to celebrate their 40th anniversary on the trip to the waterfall. The story is a powerful testament to the fragility of life and plans that are never fully realized as we envision.  This is a great collection for anyone who wants a great read but doesn’t have time for full-read engagement.  You will not be disappointed!

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